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About Curb Commander

Derrick Roberts has decades of experience in the lawn care industry. As most lawn care business owners, Derrick began to see a repetitive problem... curbs. Most mowers are not designed to go over curbs, unfortunately almost all commercial accounts have them. After one tall curb the casters are bound to break, costing you hundreds of dollars each, until now. Introducing the Curb Commander. A simple and quick way to save your wheels, bearings, and casters. Curb Commanders mount to any mower and can be deployed for use in less than 30 seconds.  

Curb Commanders are welded steel and made in the USA, no cheap overseas metals here. Our product is feeding American steel workers and their families while saving mower owners money at the same time. Find out why we say Curb Commanders are simplistic, useful, and sensible. Pick up your pair today and take command over those costly curbs.

The Curb Commander Team

Derrick Roberts


Dylan Roberts
Our Team
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